What is this app?

This app provides a GUI front end for tinyPNG for your local computer so you can optimize images using the tinyPNG service without opening up a browser and navigating to tinyPNG's website.

How does it work?

Just drag and drop your PNG and JPG images into the app window and your images will optimized/compressed using tinyPNG's API Service. You will need to acquire an API key from tinyPNG which you can get here.

Why choose this app?

It's simple, easy to use and saves you time. You don't need to go through the repetitive process of opening a browser, visiting tinyPNG's website, then optmising and downloading them back on to your local computer. The app features an option to overwrite your original image. And, its FREE!
App features

tinyPNG.App Pro

Introducing tinyPNG.App Pro

You can now purchase tinyPNG.App Pro which includes new features like Folder Watching and CLI support!


  • Drag and Drop
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$19.99 AUD
  • Drag and Drop
  • Overwrite Original File
  • Watch Folder
  • CLI Support

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Latest version 0.0.9

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Latest version 0.0.9


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Drag n Drop

Just Drag and Drop your PNG or JPG files into the app and they will be queued and processed one by one.

Overwrite Original - Pro Version Only

Optimised files will be downloaded to a new copy suffixed "-tinified". The Overwrite Original function when enabled will directly save onto the original file if you whish to overwrite the original file instead.

Watch Folder - Pro Version Only

The Watch Folder function when enabled will allow you to specifiy a folder for tinyPNGApp to monitor for JPG or PNG files added to that folder and automatically optimise them.

CLI - Pro Version Only

tinyPNGApp also supports CLI for automation with scripts or other tools.

To use as a CLI program add "--file (filename)" when calling tinyPNGApp.


tinyPNGApp.exe --file somefile.png

Note: You still need to open the GUI to enable Overwrite Original function, but if the setting has been enabled previously you don't need to enable it again.

Feature Roadmap

Folder Drop & Recursive Scanning

Support for Drag and Drop folder (including subfolders),

Image Resizing

Ability to also resize images on user defined dimensions and resize type (fit, crop, scale, cover).

Save to S3

Ability to save compressed images directly to Amazon S3

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